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Your local Rockhampton car service Robo's MotorWorks repairs all vehicle makes and models, new and old.

Located on corner of North and Campbell Streets, we are a Full Suspension Specialist and provide expert Shock Absorber and Suspension maintenance. Come in for a free Vehicle Inspection Report and a free Suspension Check. We provide great service with great prices. Call us now or book a service online!

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Car Services in Rockhampton

Robo's MotorWorks care about the environment and have Arctick Authorisation to reliably and responsibly conduct automotive air conditioning service (AU44604). ARC Approved Car Air Conditioning Servicing reduces Fuel Costs and protects your health. Find out more about car air conditioning here or Book a service now

• Car Air Conditioning
• Auto Electrical
• Brake & Clutch
• Diesel Car Service
• Engine Reconditioning
• Towing
• Truck Repairs
• Tyres
• Wheel Alignment
• Wheel Balancing

Our fully qualified log book servicing ensures your car is in safe hands, and we provide quality car service and repairs on all models, including four wheel drive and Diesel vehicles. 

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We accept Fleetcard. Our mechanics can pick up your car for repairs and deliver it back when the repairs are complete. Book a car repair online or call us now

Regular Car Servicing

To keep your car working at it's peak condition at all times, make sure to regularly visit your car service. Professional diagnostic and experienced mechanics will often direct your attention to things otherwise unnoticed, saving you costly repairs in case of breakdown. As a moving mechanical vehicle, your car has parts that wear down during normal using conditions - brakes, ball joints, wheel bearings, suspension... If suspicious items are not treated in a timely manner, further expluatation can deteriorate the car part from what could have been a simple and easy fix into a costly repair several times more expensive.

Robo's MotorWorks car service exhibition tyres and wheels 1 Robo's MotorWorks car service exhibition tyres and wheels 2 Robo's MotorWorks car service exhibition tyres and wheels 3 Robo's MotorWorks car service exhibition tyres and wheels 4 

Next Generation of Mechanics

Acknowledging that vocational education prepares students for further training and employment, the Australian Vocational Student Prize promotes the value of gaining vocational skills while at school. Giving national recognition to achievements in vocational training completed in secondary education, the Australian Vocational Student Prize has been awarded to Robo's Motorworks apprentice mechanic Ethan Brewster.

mechanic test drive in Rockhampton car service mechanic under bonnet in Robos MotorWorks workshop in Rockhampton QLD 4700

While still attending Year 11, Ethan joined the Rockhampton car service in 2010 as a light vehicle mechanical apprentice and has been repairing vehicles ever since. Ethan enjoys the opportunity of realising his childhood dream - getting to know what's inside a vehicle that makes it move. Today Ethan is thrilled to work on cars daily and fixing everything and anything mechanical.

reception 3 of Rockhampton car service reception of Rockhampton car service reception 2 of Rockhampton car service

Receiving national recognition for his hard work motivates Ethan even more on his mechanic journey as he is putting the $2000 prize towards further education. The Rockhampton car service workshop manager Peter Robinson is delighted in Ethans progress, as Ethan had shown great passion for the trade since day one and has only improved since.

Rockhampton mechanics Peter Jr Robinson, Logan Robinson, Peter Robinson and Andrew Robinson at Robo's MotorWorks Rockhampton mechanics Poppy Robinson, Peter Robinson, Andrew Robinson, Peter Jr Robinson and Logan Robinson at Robo's MotorWorks

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For friendly service from a trusted independent mechanic in Rockhampton, drive to Robo's MotorWorks!

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